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Move Better, Feel Better


We believe that the keys to staying fit as we age are all about having the right understanding and awareness about how our bodies move, how to work around injuries when and if they occur, having support from others, making movement fun, and most importantly, training for a better quality of life outside the gym. 

Certified Personal Trainer - American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Reembody Apprentice Practitioner - Reembody

Certified Life Coach - Life Coach School

B.A. Psychology - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Fitness Technology Certificate - Portland Community College

CPR, AED, & First Aid Certified - Red Cross

Health Coach Training - Wellcoaches



Now a proud Certified Apprentice-Practitioner of the REEMBODY Method!

A truly novel movement modality incorporating physiology, biomechanics, and physics to improve upon and correct human movement.

The Reembody Method is useful in treating a wide variety of issues. Often it’s the only thing that works, after our clients have been to a dozen doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals. We have had enormous success treating the following issues, among others:

  • Repetitive motion injuries

  • Chronic pain

  • Lethargy

  • Vertigo

  • Joint pain during exercise

  • Tight muscles (chronic or acute)

  • Conditioning plateaus

  • Low back pain

  • Weakness

  • Snoring and other sleep disruptions

  • Plantar’s fasciitis

  • Knee pain

  • Surgery recovery

  • Pre- and postpartum issues (including stress incontinence)

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Services offered

Whether your goal is to be able to do more of the things you used to do, keep up with your children or grandchildren, get stronger, increase your balance, or move with less pain, we can help.


Personal Training

Strength, Balance, Mobility, Hiit, Weight Management

Sessions are focused around individual needs and goals, and aim to include all aspects of fitness in programming. $85 per 60 min private session. $599 for packages of 8 sessions, and a regular spot in our schedule.

Fitness for 55+

Balance, Strength, Fall Prevention, Mobility

All sessions are tailored to individual goals, and focus on improving activities of daily living with specific training of everyday movements, such as, lifting, climbing stairs, carrying, getting up and down off the ground, and fall prevention.  $85 per 60 min private session. $599 for packages of 8 sessions, which include reserved training times in our schedule.

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Health & Weight Coaching

Uncover your "why"

We all want to eat healthier and move more, but sometimes life gets in the way. Discover the source of what's holding you back, and learn to make a plan to move forward towards a happier healthier you. All coaching sessions are conducted via 60 min phone calls. $95 per session.

Corrective Exercise

Avoid Injury

Wish you could go up stairs without knee pain, or have a more comfortable posture? Maybe your mobility isn't what it used to be, or  you'd like to feel more balanced in your gait? If so, maybe corrective exercise sessions are just what you need to move forward. Sessions are 60 min, and are focused around personal goals. $85 per session. $599 for packages of 8 sessions, which include weekly reserved training times.



We do things a little differently at Your Health First llc.  All of our training is done without shoes.  Your wouldn't cook your dinner with over mitts on, would you? Training in shoes is not much different. You'll also never see our clients swinging kettlebells on their first day, or using any machines. We believe in teaching quality movement patterns from the ground up, rather than just exercises. Everyone starts with the basics, and progresses at their own pace.  We train each side of the body both independently, as well as together. Our space is a private, judgement free atmosphere, where learning can take place without pressure, or competition. Most of all, we believe that learning to move better should and can be fun!

Barefoot training

By taking off our shoes, we can not only strengthen our feet and ankles, we can also strengthen our knees and hips as well, while at the same time, increasing our body's ability to predict where it is in space, and develop better balance, and a stronger body.

Movement education from the ground up

Take a look around next time you're out and about.  You'll see movement patterns everywhere...someone sqatting as they weed their garden, someone loading their groceries into their car, someone climbing stairs. We learn these movements as children, but somewhere along the way, they get a little rusty. Training movement patterns, rather than just exercises allows us to incorporate how we learned to move long ago with how we want to move today.

Reembody Method  & Side Specific Training

Did you ever notice that it's easier to throw with one hand or kick with one foot? That's because our body prefers to move differently on both sides. This is a great advantage when we want to throw a ball, but when it comes to activities that require both sides to work as a team, such as squatting, or even walking, learning how to help your two sides work together can create better balance, strength, and reduce injury.

Private Location

Have you ever been to a gym where you had to wait your turn for the equipment or were self conscious about what you did because of people watching? We believe that people should enjoy their workouts, and that learning new movements, and challenging themselves in a safe, judgement free atmosphere can increase confidence, and the likelihood of creating lasting change.

Focus on play

We believe it's not only becoming stronger and fitter that allows us to live better lives, but that being able to learn to play again is what keeps us young at heart, no matter what the age.


Held every 3rd Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm @ the Neighborhood House in Multnomah Village


Join us for tips on improving everyday movements & balance with topics ranging from getting out of a chair, to climbing stairs, and getting up off the ground. Classes are for all fitness levels and abilities. Come and participate, or just watch and learn.



Contact us today with questions about any of our programs, or to schedule your FREE fitness assessment or mini coaching session.

2802 SW Taylors Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97219, USA

(503) 757-8742



Hear What Others Have to Say


As a 76 year old senior, I have really bad knees with almost no cartilage remaining in my knee joints. Carrie has been teaching me how to walk, sit, climb stairs, and move without using my knees, therefore allowing almost pain free movement.

I fell flat on my back on an outing to the park with my family recently and, using Carrie’s techniques, was able to roll over and sit up and get back to my feet with a little help. I also learned just this past week how to get completely up onto my feet from a prone position without any help or support using only my own body and Carrie’s techniques.

I would highly recommend Carrie’s training to anyone with mobility issues, and especially to anyone with painful knees. Carrie is professional, personable, understanding, and her training facility is top notch.